The world's first

Superconscious Creative Education Sanctuary for children, families and their communities

Moondreamer Retreat
in Tasmania, Australia

By Sisters For a New World and New World
Soul Family.

The future of our planet needs today's children, their families and communities, to have access to extraordinary intuitive manifestation training; to ensure that future generations live as the true alchemists that we were all born to be but most of us lost during our childhood.


It all starts with us, the adults...

We are the ones who can provide what children need, the ones RESPONSIBLE for the world being the way it is.

It is our outdated programming that reflects the limitations of our parents and ancestors, and so it is we who must REWIRE our limitations first.

It is we who must rise up to our SUPERCONSCIOUS (our highest level of mind) and deep into our INTUITIVE HEARTS, to envision and create a future for, and with, the worlds children.

Only then can we welcome children into the SACRED spaces that will provided them with a Superconscious Education for a brighter future for everyone sharing this PLANET.

We Envision A World Where

✨ Has the ability to create Extraordinary MAGIC from their Intuitive Hearts while embracing the Innate Power of their Childlike WONDER and IMAGINATION to guide them towards magical, wondrous creations ✨

🔧 Turns wonder into INNOVATION and fear into an unstoppable voice.

🌌 Imagines limitlessly, dreams boldly, and manifests MAGIC with intention.

👶 Experiences life reborn with AWE and GRATITUDE, guided fully by inspirational intuition.

💖We envision a world where every human creates infinite Possibilities for ABUNDANCE, Unconditional LOVE, BLISS, and SUCCESS 💖

🌺 Lives in the flow of life’s beauty, synchronicity and ABUNDANCE.

💃 Plays and dances freely, guided by intuition and inspiration, unleashing CREATIVE potential without judgment.

💰 Taps into the endless stream of ABUNDANT resources in the universe.

🌸 Manifests new realities through imagination’s MAGIC, unhindered by limits.

💫 Elevates the collective consciousness with their authentic, powerful CREATIVE SPIRIT.

🗣️ Boldly and authentically expresses their TRUE SELF, without apology.

💥 Firmly stands in their unique CREATIVE power and capabilities.

🌐 Radiates waves of inspiration, revealing the power of their INNER CREATOR.

👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏻 Uplifts the global community towards a harmonious and enlightened future, by tapping into their CREATIVE potential.

🎁 Sparks a movement of EMPOWERED beings unleashing their gifts for good.

🌟 Co-creates an abundant, COMPASSIONATE, enlightened global culture.

👣 Embody and express deep RESPECT for the First Nations Peoples whereby we learn and COLLABORATE.

🌍 Contributes to healing the PLANET and SHIFTING the dominant paradigm.

A Superconcious Education


Sisters for a New World and New World Soul Family facilitate training courses, creative development programs and coaching in person and online.

While virtual community is very important to us, and zoom allows us to come straight to your home, we feel deeply that it is important to host immersive in-person experiences for our clients in natural surroundings.

This is even more important for the children we are here to serve.

It is vital that children experience learning in community, at play and in nature, in an embodied and wholistic way.

In a place where they are allowed to be at one with their imaginations; and where their individual needs and interests are wholeheartedly celebrated.

A place where they are a part of a loving community that tenders the earth and provides them with intergenerational and cultural engagements.

Such a retreat provides for all genders and ages.

Mums get much needed rest and pampering while their babes are educated and cared for.

Parents enjoy in-depth coaching while their kids are learn bush craft and storytelling, sometimes with a parent.

Grandparents co-create garden projects and visit their grandchildren during summer camp.

Here families stay in the villa or in glamping suites while dreaming about the true potential of forming their own eco-village back home.

We are delighted to be creating a magical space for all the above and so much more.

Let's launch the worlds first Superconscious Creative Education Sanctuary in the beautiful state of Tasmania, Australia.


Nestled on top of a hill with incredible views all round, this stunning villa is surrounded by 40 acres of grassland and natural bush.

With many rooms to house guests, enough land on which to build private cabins and yurts, and an incredible loft for an entire floor dedicated to play and learning, this site, to be named Moondreamer, is magic in every way.

Here, we can set up a full wellness protocol for individuals and families needing recuperation and rest, permaculture gardens for homegrown produce and designated areas for activities such as martial arts, group workshops and 1-1 coaching. We can do it all.

Located just 10 minutes from Hobart International Airport, we could not have imagined anything more perfect than this phenomenal property to establish the first of many global education sanctuaries.

Of course, such a property comes at a price...


Help us secure this site by making a purchase or investing in our project using CROWDFUNDING

How Funds Will be Used

Your generous funds will be used directly towards purchasing this stunning property for our first sanctuary.

While we have a target of raising $100,000 by the end of April,
whatever amount we receive helps us.

Every single dollar counts, no matter how small.

Receiving funds will ensure we not only purchase the property, but launch our project on the ground using a community model where many hands volunteer alongside the paid professionals who will be renovating bathrooms, designing the children's space and building yurts, cabins and play areas.

How to Pledge

Crowdfunding is not your typical donation page. It is as exchange.

Every amount you put in gives back to you. In essence, it gives three times: to us, to you and of course to the families who will be attending our sanctuary.

How awesome is that?!!

Take a look below at what most inspires you. Tune in with your own Superconscious - ask your highest self and notice how your heart feels - then select the one that feels right to you.

Trust your intuition, it is truth!

Reward Options in USD

Choose from pledging for a reward or becoming a patron.

Pledge Packs

  • $20 Thank You

  • $50 New Book "Magnetic Moments: Stories of Superconscious Transformation" Compiled and Signed by Arwen Dyer (shipping may be extra outside AU)

  • $70 Signed Sisters for a New World Oracle Card Deck (shipping may be extra outside AU)

  • $199 A 1-1 Virtual Recode Session With a New World Soul Family Coach

  • $399 An Intuitive Painting on Canvas by Dreon Olivetti

  • $599 Sanctuary of Light or Superconscious Men 12 Month Membership

  • $899 Enjoy 3 Nights Accommodation In Tasmania, Australia

  • $1,500 Sponsor a family in our program

  • $4,999 Arwen Dyer's VIP 2 Day 1 to 4 Person Intuitive Leadership Intensive Retreat, Australia*

  • $7,999 A 7 Day Intuitive Awakening Retreat, Australia or USA*

  • POA Intuitive Leadership Academy 6 Month Coaching Business Program

Patron Packages
with a 10%+ ROI

Have money sitting in a bank account yearning to be used for good? Earn more interest and feel great by investing in us.

Don't worry, it's all legal and legit!

It basically works as a private loan to White Flame Enterprises Pty Ltd., the company behind New World Soul Family and Sisters for a New World.

We accept short term loans (6 or 12 months) of various amounts:

  • $5,000

  • $10,000

  • $20,000+

Have more to invest?

Consider our 5 year property investment packages: 10% yearly dividends plus end of term ROI.

$300,000+ investment.

Tasmania's real estate market is booming, as is the wellness tourism industry! View our brief pitch here.

Book a call below with CEO Arwen Dyer if you would like to learn more.

*Retreat packages include all meals and accommodation; flights not included. Various dates and locations are available. For more information, speak to us by booking a call.

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We cannot wait to deliver your reward or celebrate you as a patron.


Now you may be wondering...


Sisters for a New World is the female leadership and program delivery team behind New World Soul Family: a global change movement for a more harmonious world.

Together as female leaders we rise into our Divine Feminine

by integrating our shadows and awakening our innate intuition. We inspire and teach others to do the same, creating ripple effects and shifting away from the toxic masculine paradigm.

We respect and learn from First Nations voices and hearts, we cherish nature and we awaken our intuition. We live as powerful creators of our purposeful, lives we love, while educating our children in new ways and by bringing back the old.

We create eco-communities, implement sustainable practices and provide sacred spaces for transformation and creativity.

Together we are alchemists. We are love. We are light.

Your Loving Sisters

While this movement was foundered by Arwen Dyer following years, indeed lifetimes, of being called to reunite her Sisters to awaken Humankind, it is being birthed collectively.

Each of our Sisters (and Brothers, all genders, in our wider organisation of New World Soul Family) was selected and invited as guided by Arwen's intuition, having been brought together in divine timing, with all the synchronous magic one experiences when living or rising into their intuitive creative powers.

We each contribute to our collective a unique set of skills, knowledge, attributes and sacred feminine codes sharing a common thread: a deep call to heal the planet and its peoples by working together to shift the collective consciousness one life at a time. This starts with empowering women to be the Creatrix's we were born to be.

Together we are a group of gifted, experienced and highly trained coaches, facilitators, educators and practitioners. Each of us have transcended many traumas and challenges, and as we Rise further, we will hold your hand while you Transform.

The leading members of Sisters for a New World are:

Founder, C.E.O., Leadership Coach, Therapist, Writer & Photographer


Leadership Coach, Educator
& Parenting Specialist

Dreon Olivetti

Elite Athlete and Artist Coach, Educator, Artist & Curator

Kendra Weech

Coach, Licensed Financial Broker & Facilitator

Sheena Ogden

Children's Coach, Writer & Therapist

Natalie Lewis

First Nations Advisor & Facilitator

Tracy Reifferschied

Magic Maker Coach & Facilitator

La Bonte

Awakening Guide & Facilitator

We invite you to find out about Sisters for a New World and
New World Soul Family's online group programs:
Sanctuary of Light and Superconscious Men

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